Why Nova Medical?

Expert Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Michael Gartner is a globally recognized leader in hair transplant and aesthetic plastic surgery, acclaimed as the #1 Hair Transplant Surgeon in NJ and Long Island.

Dedicated Medical Team

At our Long Island clinic, we employ only licensed and accredited nurses, doctors, and assistants with over 25 years of experience. We do not use traveling technicians, ensuring consistent and expert care.

Doctor-Only Consultations

Our straightforward 3-step hair transplant evaluation process occurs in an in-person consultation with a doctor, guaranteeing personalized and professional advice.

Individualized Care

From your initial consultation to a year post-surgery, your treatment is overseen by a doctor, ensuring continuity and personalized care throughout your journey.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Our Long Island clinic features the latest advancements in hair transplant technology and upholds the highest standards of safety and comfort, providing a premium experience for all our patients.

Nova Medical Exclusives

Guaranteed 100% Take Rate

We proudly ensure a 100% take rate for the grafts you pay for. Learn more about this guarantee during your consultation.

Competitive Pricing

With multiple locations and a high volume of surgeries, Nova Medical offers high-quality hair transplants by plastic surgeons at competitive prices, making advanced hair restoration more accessible.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer 0% interest financing options and flexible payment plans to make your hair transplant procedure more affordable.

Advanced Techniques for Natural Results

Our proprietary techniques, refined over millions of grafts transplanted, deliver natural-looking results through detailed hairline design and custom angle graft placement.

Nova Medical Protocol

Developed by top plastic surgeons and nurses in North America, the Nova Medical Protocol ensures the most natural results for all our patients. This exclusive protocol is available only at our clinics.

Hair Transplant in Long Island

by Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic

As one of the leading Hair Transplant Clinics in the USA, Nova Medical Hair Transplant is proud to introduce our esteemed location in Long Island.

At Nova Medical, we use the latest technology to ensure our hair transplants blend seamlessly with your natural hair, delivering completely natural results. Once you experience our hair transplant services, your past struggles with hair loss will be a distant memory.

Our Long Island clinic exemplifies excellence. We have a team of seasoned surgeons and technicians with decades of experience in hair restoration, utilizing the latest technologies and methods. Our mission is not only to make you feel great but also to enhance your appearance, ensuring you receive the utmost value for your investment.

Every client undergoes a personalized evaluation to determine the specific areas needing a transplant. Our surgeon then develops a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Your hair transplant in Long Island will be performed in our fully accredited, state-of-the-art medical facility, equipped with all necessary tools and equipment. Our meticulous hair restoration approach ensures that each session is completed in a single day for our patients, essential for achieving results that are authentic, natural, and long-lasting.


Masters of Hair Transplantation

FUE • FUT • Non-Surgical Solutions

The Most Natural Looking Results with the Most Affordable Pricing

At Nova Medical in Long Island, under the leadership of double board-certified Dr. Michael Gartner, we specialize in the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for hair restoration. This state-of-the-art technique involves the meticulous extraction of individual hair follicles, enhancing the accuracy and precision of hair transplants. Our FUE approach ensures minimal scarring, a significant improvement over the traditional FUT strip method, which often leaves a visible linear scar. With Dr. Gartner’s expertise, our patients experience a smooth, nearly scarless hair transplant process, setting a new standard in hair restoration in the industry.

Before & After Gallery

Experience Premier Hair Transplants in Long Island

At An Accessible Price

Hair loss affects more than just your appearance – it can impact your confidence and overall well-being. At our Long Island clinic, under the expert leadership of Dr. Gartner, we truly understand this. For men facing hair thinning or loss, we provide a comprehensive solution to regain self-assurance, far beyond a mere quick fix.

Our approach is completely personalized. We assess your individual hair pattern and specific needs. With the expertise of our skilled nurses, and the guidance of Dr. Gartner, we develop a customized treatment plan just for you, ensuring results that are both natural and lasting. Our goal is not only to restore your hair but also to help you rebuild your confidence.

Our No Shortcuts Approach to Hair Transplantation

by Nova Medical

Crafting a natural-looking hairline requires precision and expertise. At Nova Medical in Long Island, Dr. Gartner and our team excel in this meticulous process. We ensure that the results seamlessly blend with your existing hair, leaving no visible signs of the procedure.

Men experiencing hair thinning or loss due to genetics, injuries, or previous surgeries will find a comprehensive solution with our advanced techniques. This service is highly sought after at our clinic, reflecting our commitment to delivering natural and exceptional results.

Long Island's Renowned
Hair Transplant Specialists

The Nova Medical surgical team in Long Island is certified by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery of the United States. Our resident technicians are also recognized experts in hair restoration and hair transplantation surgery.

Our Facial Hair Transplant Options

At our Long Island clinic, we understand the significance of facial hair in a man’s self-image. Whether you’re dealing with sparse growth due to genetics or past injuries, our facial hair transplant services are tailored to your needs. Choose your desired style, from light stubble to a full beard, and let our experts create the perfect look for you.

The process is straightforward and designed for your comfort, typically taking 2 to 6 hours. Some initial shedding is normal, but within three months, the transplanted hair will grow back strong, providing you with a lasting solution that you can enjoy for years to come.

Our Beard, and Eyebrow Enhancements

At Nova Medical in Long Island, we combine medical precision with artistic skill to also deliver exceptional eyebrow restoration. Our surgeon and experts are experienced at crafting natural-looking, permanent eyebrows that perfectly complement your facial features. This procedure is ideal for both men and women who are tired of daily eyebrow maintenance or are experiencing thinning eyebrows.

For both beard and eyebrow transplants, we meticulously transfer healthy hair follicles from your scalp to the target area. This careful process ensures a smooth, natural appearance, transforming your look with minimal discomfort and lasting results. 

Nova Medical's Dream Team

Dr. Adam Rubinstein


Dr. Martin Jugenburg


Dr. Michael Gartner


Our Hair Transplant
Facility in Long Island

Competitive Pricing

Under the leadership of a renowned double-board certified surgeon, our premier plastic surgery center provides top-notch expertise at highly competitive prices. We are redefining industry standards, making exceptional hair transplants more accessible.

Experience and Trustworthiness

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic in Long Island, we take pride in our extensive history of service. With over 20 years of experience in hair transplants, our surgeon has consistently improved our methods to deliver natural-looking results that our clients cherish.

Customized Techniques

We understand that everyone has unique features and requirements. Our surgeon is committed to creating the most natural look tailored to your specific needs. While the FUE method is often our go-to, we also offer a range of options, including various session sizes and the FUT technique, to best suit your needs.

High Standards

Our dedicated team, from surgeons to medical staff, ensures a safe and comprehensive process from the initial consultation to the actual transplant procedure. We adhere to strict quality controls to guarantee exceptional outcomes and strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.

Patient-Focused Care

From your first appointment to post-procedure follow-ups, we involve you in every step of the journey. Our team offers expert guidance on the best solutions for your situation, ensuring you achieve the results you seek. We encourage you to read our patient testimonials and reviews to learn more about their experiences at our clinic.

Life is not perfect
But your hair can be

Natural hair is the crown you never take off.


Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

Q: Do you offer various hair transplant options?

A: Yes, we are aware that each instance involving hair restoration is unique. Our goal is to use cutting-edge methods such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) to provide you with a natural and long-lasting outcome based on your unique requirements.

Q: Why am I losing hair?

A: Numerous things, such as harsh hair care products, particular medications, medical problems, or lifestyle choices, can cause hair loss. These often result in transient hair loss that could be treated without a transplant. However, a large number of our patients have androgenic alopecia, a genetically and hormonally driven disorder that affects both men and women and frequently manifests sooner in men, resulting in irreversible hair loss. Having said that, our specialists would be pleased to meet with you and address your worries in person. 

Q: Can a hair transplant solve my hair loss problem?

A: Yes, a hair transplant can successfully treat hair loss by moving grafts to balding or thinning parts of your scalp from areas of your scalp that are resistant to hair loss. For both men and women experiencing systematic or hereditary hair loss, this tried-and-true technique offers a long-lasting increase in hair density and appearance.

Q: How long do hair transplant results last?

A: Hair transplant results are designed to be permanent. Once the transplanted hair follicles have successfully integrated into the scalp and begin to grow, they will continue to produce hair for a lifetime. This means that you can expect a lasting and natural solution to hair loss, with the new hair blending seamlessly with your existing hair over time. That said, proper post-operative care and following your surgeon’s instructions can help ensure the best long-term results.

Q: Am I a good candidate for a hair transplant in Long Island?

A: Those with androgenic alopecia are usually the best candidates for a transplant, but you may also be eligible if you have thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, malnourishment, or shortages in iron and protein. To find out if you qualify, it’s best to speak with us directly. After analyzing your situation and your hair loss pattern, our surgeon will suggest the best course of action for your permanent hair restoration.

FUE Hair Transplant Demonstration

Our Hair Transplant Protocol in Long Island

  • The Initial Consultation: Patients first undergo a comprehensive discussion with our hair restoration specialist, going over your medical history, hair loss background, expectations, and the candidacy for the hair transplant.
  • The Hair Transplant Designing: In order to ensure a natural look, our surgeon or technician carefully crafts a hairline or crown that compliments the patient’s face shape and hair features.
  • The Anesthetic Application: To guarantee a pain-free, comfortable experience during the operation, local anesthetic is applied to the scalp.
  • The Follicle Harvesting: Using precision punch equipment that creates tiny circular incisions around each follicle before extraction, individual hair follicles are meticulously collected from the donor region, which is often the back or sides of the head.
  • The Graft Preparation: Harvested follicles are examined under a microscope to ensure their integrity and suitability for implantation before being sorted and processed.
  • The Site Creation: To ensure the smooth integration of new follicles, tiny incisions are created in the recipient region at specific angles and orientations to mimic natural hair growth.
  • The Follicle Placement: To ensure that the transplanted hair mixes in naturally with the surrounding hair, each graft is carefully inserted into its assigned spot using tweezers or a specialized implanting tool.
  • Your Postoperative Instructions: To safeguard the recently transplanted follicles and encourage the best possible recovery and hair development, patients are given thorough aftercare instructions.
  • Your Follow-up Visits: Following surgery, check-ups are planned to assess the health and development of the transplanted hair and to track the transplant’s progress.
  • Your Anticipated Outcomes: Since new hair growth and the establishment of the transplanted follicles’ blood supply often take several months to manifest, patience is essential before seeing your final results which will take anywhere from 9-12 months.

Benefits of the FUE Hair Transplant Technique in Long Island

  • Minimally Invasive Process: FUE involves extracting individual hair follicles without large incisions, resulting in less discomfort and quicker recovery.
  • Reduced Downtime: The less invasive nature of FUE allows for a shorter postoperative recovery period, enabling patients to return to their regular routines more easily.
  • Precise Follicle Extraction: FUE allows for precise selection and extraction of specific hair follicles, making the transplant process more efficient and preserving the donor area.
  • Natural-Looking Outcomes: FUE produces results that blend in smoothly with existing hair for a natural appearance by carefully inserting grafts to follow the patient’s natural hair growth pattern.
  • Versatile Application: FUE may be used on the scalp in a variety of locations, including troublesome regions like the temples and hairline.
  • High Success Rates: This method’s high graft survival rate adds to both its efficacy and the durability of the outcomes.
  • No Linear Scarring: FUE is a great option for patients who like shorter haircuts and want to prevent obvious scarring because it does not create a linear scar, unlike the FUT process.  
Daniel White
Daniel White
Great job! I am thrilled with my hair transplant procedure!
Klara Prela
Klara Prela
Amazing experience with Nova Medical Hair Transplant. I haven't been happier and confident enough until I proceeded with a hair transplant with them. Thank you!!!!
Oliver Munoz
Oliver Munoz
Great service and amazing results. Will use again.
Emilie Hardy
Emilie Hardy
I had a hair transplant to restore my hairline, which had been gradually receding over time. I was shocked by the initial results. Excited for the final look!
Roland Perry
Roland Perry
This was the best medical experience Ive ever had. The team was helpful the entire time and didn't hesitate to answer all of my questions. Not only that but the treatment itself went by quickly and i felt almost nothing. Its worth it.
Donald Andrade
Donald Andrade
I decided to get a hair transplant after years of contemplating it. I struggled with hair loss for years but finally got it under control so I knew this was my time to undergo the procedure. The Nova Medical team was the perfect call and they took great care of me every step of the way. My procedure was 3000 grafts and the perfect amount to fill in my balding hairline. That said, I'll update my review once I see hair growth but so far I'm happy!
Dennis Hansel
Dennis Hansel
I waited YEARS before getting a hair transplant because I wanted it to be the perfect location and I can truly say Nova Medical was the best decision I’ve made. Hands down the top of the top location.
Richard Perron
Richard Perron
For the past 10 years I’ve struggled with hair loss and have been waiting for the right time to get a hair transplant. (I had tried everything from lotions to wigs) I found Nova Medical and straight away went for a consult and booked my procedure. We went ahead with around 3000 grafts and I’m now in the recovery stage which will last a few weeks but overall it went great and wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Highly recommend this team, they were worth it!

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